Witchychicky is a neopets user who was first mentioned in Show 2 in a dear 2 letter. In the letter, a fan wrote about how Witchychicky claims to have a copyright on her name, and nobody can use it without her permission. Since copyright law dosen't work that way, she was promptly mocked by 2 and Jakebe. To furthur mock her, 2 made regular use of her name as a euphanism for "silly illiterate bitch". She appeared again in Show 7 when she wote a letter to the show, insulting 2 and threating to sue him for copyright violation.

" I got a neomail that u are using my name over and over. look bitch you can say wat u want but my name is copyritted and u cant do a fucking thing about it. Tell that fucking bitch keyno to take my name off her site and keep her own problems to herself and not have u stupid fucks stop using my name.

-Witchychicky "

Why Witchychicky is wrongEdit

Witchychicky claims to have her name copyrighted (or "copyritted" as she says), but a person cannot copyright a word made of two already existing words. Even if she could copyright her name, that does not prevent someone from using it."Microsoft" is a copyrighted name, but their lawyers won't take this wiki down if we use it.

The AftermathEdit

After Show 7, her name was continually used in the form of the phrase "Damn, that's some witchychicky shit!". Since then, "Witchychicky" got an entry in urbandictionary and 2 has released a DVD collection titled "2 Sense: The Witchychicky Collection". In later episodes of 2 sense, use of the word has waned, but is still used occasionally.

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