Show #4 is the fourth episode of 2 Sense, released on June 29, 2003. This episode was hosted by Jakebe.


"If you suck horses, Jesus will hate you."

World NewsEdit

  • Roman Catholic bishop faces charges of leaving the scene of a fatal hit-and-run
  • Teen murdered by friends with hammers and hatchets
  • Southern Baptist Convention converts gays through Christ
  • Woman hits homeless man with car and drives home with him stuck on
  • Critics question Bush’s motives in Iraq
  • Virgin Mary found on office building windows
  • Bush signs national “Do-Not-Call List” into law

Furry NewsEdit

  • Turtle that breathes through it's anus discovered in Australia
  • Seven-year-old Indian girl weds dog
  • US Department of Defense develops working Chicken Cannon
  • Thai-Buddhist temple overrun with homeless cats
  • Oklahoma dog learns to walk upright


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