Like most news shows, 2 Sense consists of multiple "segments", which contain certain content such as listener feedback, news, and fan letters. During the course of the show, many segments have come and gone, but staple segments like news and fan letters have always exsisted.

List of segmentsEdit

News Related SegmentsEdit


The News segment is the main bulk of the show. During this segment, 2 and the co-host will read, analyze and comment of various news stories.

Furry NewsEdit

The Furry News was a segment consisting of news stories collected and the presented by the co-host that related to the furry fandom. Even though the segment was supposed to be about the furry fandom, stories also sometimes related to animals in the news. After the end of the first season of 2 sense, the segment ceased.

Gore NewsEdit

Gore News is a segment of news stories related to people dying in humorous or idiotic ways. It is arguably the most popular segment on the show, as stated by 2 himself. The co-host Jibba is known for laughing hysterically at the stories from this segment, to the point where in 2 Sense 2.2 he has to bring a towel to prevent his nose from bleeding and muffling his laughter.

British NewsEdit

The British News was a one-time joke for the show's british listners. It consited of stories from the British Isles.